What is Forex?

  • Forex is short for Foreign Exchange.
  • The Forex market is the most liquid market in the world.
  • It exchanges approximately $5,6 Trillion per day opposed to less liquid markets such as the New York Stock Exchange that exchanges approximately $20 Billion per day.

People turn to trade the Forex markets for a variety of reasons:

  • You can trade from anywhere in the world, all you need is wifi, laptop and cellphone.
  • Most liquid market in the world.
  • You can profit whether a specific currency is increasing or decreasing in value.
  • Forex does not require a high initial investment.
  • Traders can begin with as little as $100 which makes Forex all the more popular.
  • High liquidity allows large amounts of leverage.
  • Some brokers allow leverage up to 1:1000.

"The goal of Forex is to buy a currency that is anticipated to gain value or sell a currency that is anticipated to lose value against another currency"

Meet the Man behind it All...

Clint Fester

Hi, my name is Clint Fester (Instagram: @festx_wp). I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I’m 33 years young, Full time FX trader and Entrepreneur. I'm a Husband to Simone Fester and a father to my 2 beautiful kids Kyro and Kourtney. I have been an Entrepreneur since March 2015, after resigning from my 9-5 job after being there for almost 5 years. I started to see my future clearly and I knew I was not going to own a Ferrari or live in a Mansion and travel the world with my family working a day job and to be honest as a young kid we all had the poster in our rooms on our walls of an exotic car and for some reason along the way while growing up we forgot to dream big…

I encountered the Forex market one night while having supper with a friend and noticed these funny looking graphs he was staring at on his cellphone and asked him what it was that he was looking at and his reply was “I am trading Forex”; the blank stare I gave him I can’t even explain because up until that night the word “Forex” was Foreign to my ears, never the less I was fascinated by what he was showing and explaining to me and nearly choked on my sushi when he mentioned the profits he was making. It was unreal to me as my mind could not calculate how that could be possible from a CELLPHONE! I left there that night and spent hours on youtube watching forex videos, the next day I never left my bed! I was watching video upon video of “what is forex” “how to trade” “broker recommendations” etc, plucked the courage to load my first account back In May 2016 I loaded my first forex account with some of my hard earned cash knowing nothing about the forex markets besides a few Youtube tutorials! Big mistake, I thought I was ready… I blew that $500 account in the first week! Loaded another $500 account blew that in 2 weeks, and so I decided I need to look for a mentor. After a month I did a 3 day course with an institute in Cape Town and I still didn’t know when to enter a trade or when to take profit. My losing streak continued...

After many weeks of failure and heartache I turned to a UK company after following them on Instagram for some time. I watched their Technical Tuesday videos EVERY WEEK and I was inspired by them and I wanted to learn from these guys. I then enquired via email got the price for the online course and signed up a month later after saving up. My trading changed drastically and I started actually getting to the withdrawal screen on my broker account and making weekly withdrawals. Money started coming in very nicely but not as consistent as I wanted it too. I wanted to become better at my craft so I studied hours on end doing “backtesting” for weeks. I was now what you can call a Profitable Trader. I then went on to do another online course with a guy who’s out in the USA who had mastered my favourite pair USDJPY, and my entries on this pair has changed drastically. Its been 3 years as an entrepreneur and 2 years as a Forex Trader and I do this full time, I don’t have a day Job, Forex is my life and it helps me do things for my family I could only dream of doing. The fact that we can make the type of Income we make from our cellphones still blows my mind to this day!

January 2018 I started a personal mentorship 2 day course which started with just one student and it grew rapidly after the first 2 months, 6 months later and I have a 100% success rate with all of my students! You will find their testimonials below, these are the founding students of FestX. If it were not for them and so many others, there would not be a FestX today as teaching was never in my plans but that has changed and here you are today…

What Do You Get?

When you enrol with FestX you get full mentorship training provided by myself, weekly webinar breakdowns of currency pairs. My website contains a full online educational platform that gives you step by step lessons that educate you on how to trade. There is no prior knowledge needed at all. I go over the basics such as how to get started, steps to set up the platform onto your mobile device, Price Action Style training, recorded webinars, etc. You’ll also have access to the FestX Traders private Facebook and Telegram channels, and any future implement of the groups.

Featured Testimonials

photo_2019-07-11 17.12.15

Lee Honigwachs – 24 Years old , Ottery

I have been interested in Forex since 2016, I was brought to it by my brother who heard about it from a friend. I have been on the learning curve for forex ever since I heard about it, done 2 courses before Clints and spent countless hours on youtube trying to piece everything together, this course that Festx provides is simple, profitable and best of all filters all the noise that’s in the market , it can be done by anyone! The content of this course really is priceless and I can highly recommend it, Clint is a hands-on mentor who will always give an ear when you have questions he always looks out for his students best interest. I have never been in the blue as much as I have been now. Thank You Festx…


Instagram: @lee_bloodbrotherscpt

photo_2019-07-08 00.20.31

Johan Schoeman – 27 Years old, Stellenbosch

I Met Clint 7 years ago working together in another company. He always had the drive to be more and do better for his family.

In September 2018 I got into forex through another friend and lost loads of money that I didn’t really have through poorly run signals groups. I then learnt Clint is slaying the forex game and I immediately got in contact with him. I used a chunk of my salary to pay for the course, and the last two weeks of that month I had no money left, but I knew the sacrifice had to be made for the long term. I did his course and my mind opened up to another level. I’m starting to see the moves the market is going to make weeks before it happens. His mentorship is truly something amazing, always making time to reply to messages. The Trading Room where he provides signals is also next level content. We get full market breakdown videos as well as reasons for entry, it’s way more than just taking signals blindly, Its an educational platform at the same time.

Its Truly a privilege to be part of the FESTX Team!

Instagram: @Johanschoemanofficial

Runau Smit

Runau Smit – 24 years old, Strand

Best decision I made was taking the time to invest in myself and do the FestX course. Clint is a market expert and  he has a way to simplify things to the extent a 10 year old could understand it. My trading style has drastically improved after the FestX course. I now have the skillset to pass on to my kids for generations to come all thanks to FestX. This is a well structured course that provides all the information and more to be a profitable trader within the markets.

Instagram: @rsmitofficial

Bradley Ogle

Bradley Ogle – 33 Years old, Kuils River

I learnt about forex back in 2012 when i threw away almost R100k not knowing what to do, and this after spending thousands of rands on International courses. Needless to say after attending Clint’s classes and applying simple methodology to my trading strategy, I am now totally in love with the Forex markets. Thanks to FestX for his guidance and mentorship , I will not be making those mistakes I made in the past. Trading Forex the FestX way is simple, fast , efficient and of course FUN! God Bless.

Instagram: @bradz_wp

Neo Seshoka

Neo Seshoka – 36 years old, Johannesburg

I would definitely recommend taking the course, Ive been trading for 3 years with trial and error and I spent 2 days with Clint and everything clicked and made sense. This is a course to take your trading to another level!

Instagram: @neoseshoka

Dane Sherratt

Dane Sherratt – 25 years old, Australia

I went to my first Trading course back in 2015. With the mindset of i’m going to get rich quick. This was not the case and lost interest. Then stepped in FestX. I’ve known Clint for awhile and noticed his passion and drive for Forex. (Aswell as his ongoing profits). So I decided to take his course, On a zoom call all the way from Australia. FestX course was my turning point, he makes you understand the market and see it in a totally different way. I still don’t believe in the get rich quick quote. But after the course i believe in the saying “the skillset will set you free”. FestX is my Mentor and all round good dude, always willing to help and learn!  Peace.

Instagram: @Danesherry

Larry Bullock

Larry Bullock – 32 Years old, Australia

I started my FX journey in February 2018.

Before attending the Fest X course I knew absolutely nothing about the forex market but I saw what Clint was doing and the time freedom is what attracted me to get started.

The Fest X way was easy and simple to grasp from day 1, Clint’s style of trading makes it easy for even the most novice of aspiring traders and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn the skill of trading the RIGHT way. Too my mentor and friend I can’t Thank You enough.

Instagram: @Mike_Larry86_

Courtney Garder

Courtney Garder – 24 Years old, Cape Town

I’ve always wanted to learn how to do trading and have found many companies that scam you. This is not that. What you’ll learn is very overwhelming and it took me some time to get use to it and go everything a few times and now trading has become so simple! Clint teaches you a skill that keeps on giving.

Instagram: @courtney_garder

Rayno Tim

Rayno Tim – 35 years old, Dubai

Just over a year ago, I was introduced to the forex world by Clint and immediately fell in love with trading. Many accounts blown, I finally decided to fly from Dubai to Cape Town and attend his course. Thats when the puzzle came together and totally changed the game for me. Thank you Mr. FestX. Keep on inspiring the masses.

Instagram: @raynotim


Jody Hanslo

Jody Hanslo – 28 Years old, Sea Point

I’ve been following Clint’s journey as an entrepreneur for a while and his Passion to serve and see people win in life is very clear.

I had no knowledge of Forex prior to the course. He uses simple methods that anyone can understand. The skillset he teaches is something that no-one can take away from me. I’m forever grateful.

Instagram: @jody_hanslo

Herschell Carolus

Herschell Carolus – 25 Years old, Atlantis

I met Clint in a MLM company back in 2015 and saw what he did during his time there,started following him on instagram afterwards and was stunned by what he achieved in the forex market after leaving MLM, so I got in touch with him,  did his course and now I know more of the forex market that I would’ve ever known. Don’t regret any of it.

Instagram: @hdcarolus78

Roderick W Smith

Roderick W Smith – 28 Years old, Stellenbosch

I was always interested in trading Forex. I was reading various books and watching YouTube videos that made me lose a few hundred dollars. I locked arms with Clint and did the FestX 2day course, I flipped a $200 account in 3days. I will recommend FestX to any1 that wants to change their financial situation.

Instagram: @rodsmith89

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Carrie Sherratt – 50 Years old, Durbanville

Learning forex has been very challenging for me. I undertook an internationally acclaimed course a few years back, but was never able to master the skills required to be successful, which frustrated the bejingles out of me since: loss of confidence, fear of being a failure, a dropout, etc, etc tend to take their toll.

Anyway, long story short, an ex business colleague of mine started offering fx courses which I decided to attend over the past few days.

All I can say is wow, wow, wow! Such respect! Clint certainly has a passion for charts, pips, trendline, Fibonacci, ABCD, candlesticks, exponential moving averages, support and resistance and teaches in a manner that (even though my brain was well and truly frazzled) is neat, natural, patient, methodical and just makes sense!

Thanks so, so much Clint for being so kind and patient with my 50yo brains! I have lots of homework to do but am inspired and motivated to work hard and make you proud.

Clint offers personal / online and forever mentorship programs that I highly recommend.

Aadil Fernando Faleiro

Aadil Fernando Faleiro – 25 years old, Goodwood

I’ve been exposed to other FX courses before and always walked away feeling like some very important information was missing or left out which always had me doubting myself when trading. After taking the FestX course by Clint Fester, it finally all made sense to me!  He tailor made his course and summarised it to perfection.
What really stands out to me is the level of support AFTER the course. Clint is an excellent coach and continues to provide valuable information, knowledge and mentorship on a daily basis.
I highly recommend the FestX way 🙂

Instagram: @aadilfaleiro

Jesse Mahola

Jesse Mahola – 30 Years old, Namibia

I came across Mr Clint Fester on my search timeline on Instagram, I had never met this guy in my life. All I remember was seeing a picture of him saying
“His learned a skill no one can take away from him and that he can pass on for generations to come”. That caught my eye and I started following him immediately. One thing that stood out for me was that this guy was an ordinary dude living his life on his own terms. This was a man spending time with his family whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted and however he wanted. This man had all the time in the world. I am a health professional with a good paying “Job” but I don’t have the time Clint has. I saw this man was winning in life and I wanted that lifestyle too. I got in touch with Clint all the way from Namibia and didn’t know this guy from a bar of soap. Many told me I’m crazy entrusting a total stranger with my money. Long story short, I came down to do the course. It was a two day intense course, but what I liked about it was how Clint made it as clear as day. Clint has learned from the best in the industry and has perfected his skillset to teach it in a manner that is not difficult to grasp. He keeps it simple and doesn’t complicate it at all. He teaches you what you NEED to know, but encourages self development and consistent learning on the skillset as well.

It’s been a week since I’ve done the course and I have been in touch with Clint on the daily sending him chart setups and he guides me where I need to improve on. Clint is always eager to help and I can gladly say I have a great mentor to walk this road with me. I know it’s not a 100m sprint, it’s a marathon. It will not be a easy road but it will be worth it. This course doesn’t need you to have any previous knowledge of finance or trading. You just need to be hungry enough to want it badly. Thank you Clint for unselfishly imparting your knowledge on me Bro, I promise to work hard on perfecting the skillset, before the blue numbers roll up. I strongly recommend FestX for anyone who is sick and tired of being a spectator and wants to start playing the game at WINNING IN LIFE!

Instagram: @jesse_mahola

Franklin Ndhlovu

Dr. Franklin Ndhlovu – 42 Years old, Umthata

I have been communicating with Clint for almost 2 years. I have never met him in person but he has proved to be a person of integrity. He was one of the first people to teach me about cryptocurrency and how it works. When the “crypto fever” died down I decided to look at forex as a means of extra income. Unfortunately my experience was an unpleasant one. After blowing a couple of accounts trading “willy nilly” I decided to call Clint. It was then I discovered that he was running a forex course which I signed up for. His lectures were very simple and straight forward and easy to follow. He emphasised how easy it was to make money in the markets if one had a working strategy. His strategy helped me catch 100+ pips for the very first time since I had ever started trading! I regard Clint to be my mentor in forex and hold him in high regard. I’m very keen to learn more and I know that my financial future will be bright in the FestX Academy.

Caleb Veerasamy

Caleb Veerasamy – 33 Years old, Kraaifontein

Clint Fester. I must say I knew absolutely nothing about forex. I hated Graphs on school. I done the FestX in person course because i saw the lifestyle Clint has been at home with his wife with no stress. He done the hard work of mastering the charts and showing his knowledge to us that have zero info about forex. I must say I’ve practice and still practicing the charts and reading the market, But thanks to Clint I see a great future for my family and my unborn child on the way. I fully recommended anyone who wants to learn forex to get in touch with Clint. Thank you so much brother.

Instagram: @cetours

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Cheswin Martin – 33 Years old, Atlantis

Mr Clint Fester. Thank you very much again for sharing your knowledge brother. To think I knew nothing about Forex but you made everything so clear and so easy to understand. I always thought “Bullish” is what happens to you in school but thank you so much for clearing that up. LOL. Don’t ever change your material I’ve put what you thought me to the test and it WORKS!!! Thank you for being such a great mentor.

Johan Lottering

Johan Lottering – 23 Years old, Johannesburg

I took Clint course this year, (taught via Zoom if I might add) and it changed the way I see the FX markets completely. I’ve learned more in his 3 day course than i have trading for 1 and a half years! Clint is the real deal guys if you want to gain extensive knowledge that will help you change your financial situation, you HAVE to do Clints course.

Instagram: @johanlottering9

Aviroop Barat

Aviroop Barat – 21 Years old, India

Initial days of trading were honestly the worst days of my life. I blew numerous accounts and jumped from mentor to mentor in search of better. I was following Clint for a long time and finally I could get in touch with him and that was the point in my life when everything changed. I can now call myself a successful TRADER.

Instagram: @aviroop_barat