Clint Fester at James Bond Island

He believes in channeling your energy into something positive.

Clint Fester is an authority in the forex industry and the founder of FestX, an educational platform that educates individuals across the globe on how to trade in the forex market. In this article, we will learn the virtues and principles he applies each day to help him succeed in life!

Beat the stress

Are you tired of a long day’s work? Or just plain exhausted from hours of repetitive work tasks?  Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. This phenomenon is experienced by thousands, if not millions of individuals every day. And it’s called burn out.

Everyone has their way of overcoming this feeling, and for Clint, playing his favorite video game is the preferred method for reducing the rate at which he experiences burnout. Video games have been known to boost the mental skills needed to handle stress and depression.

Watching a relaxing movie also helps him take his mind off stress. 

Apart from these, Clint recommends you take a digital detox, switch off your phone, grab a bottle of H20, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

Grooming successful habits

What’s your daily routine like? Do you start your day with a chocolate bar? Or perhaps, binge-watching a Top-rated Netflix series might seem more like it.

The topic of successful routines has plagued me for some time now. After a lot of research, I found out that a lot of successful people craft their methods based on a task that would build self-confidence, faith, and self-discipline.

Clint is a religious man. He’s a firm believer in God and makes sure he shows his gratitude every morning when he wakes up.  

He also has a collection of affirmation posters and cards that he reads aloud twice a day. To him, Affirmations are life!

Overcoming Obstacles

Clint faced a lot of obstacles on his way to the top. A good percentage of his problems came from his finances; he experienced money shortages at one point almost went bankrupt. 

He was able to overcome all of these by staying focused; he sold all the possessions he didn’t need, such as his PlayStation, his television, and even his car. 

The only things he had with him were his phone and laptop. To help him overcome obstacles, Clint also draws motivation from his wife and children; Kourtney and Kyro. They are his world.

In the future, Clint plans to keep pumping out quality content and travel to cities where knowledge thirsty individual is ready to change their life through Forex.

SourceThrive Global