Clint Fester

Clint Fester first thought that Metatrader 4 was a game. How he moved from not knowing the application to using it and earning a whopping 6-Figure, is not a fairy tale but a true story. I was privileged to interview him and get to know more about him and the forex trading industry.

Clint started dabbling in Forex in March 2016. He had just encountered a friend playing a ‘game’. It was only after knowing that the ‘game’ was a real source of money, and the friend was earning up to +$100 daily. Clint Fester, who was inquisitive on how to make money from your mobile phone, was interested in knowing more. He had officially joined the journey of becoming a Forex Trader

Learning process

Clint took some time to familiarize himself with the app and the ins and outs of Forex. He admits that it was not as easy as people might think. It took valuable time, and that made him know that indeed it is a real business.

He grew gradually, and he admits that he recently made $100k in a single trade. “I uploaded a video on YouTube of how it was done so go check it out! My YouTube channel name is FestX Family.”

Most traders have never thought of making $100k in one day. For Clint, he acknowledges that to get that, he also had to risk a significant amount to accomplish this trade. “I had a risk to reward ratio of 1:8 which meant I was willing to lose $3000 to make $24k but when the trade happened and markets opened it was more than I expected, so it ended up been a $3000 risk to make $100k which is not a bad trade at all, and any trader can tell you that.” He says.

Get The Right Information

I always tell my students that it takes one or two trades to change your life completely. Clint, who started coaching Forex back in 2017 says. “$100k is a lot of money for someone living in South Africa, but I want you to understand that this doesn’t happen overnight.”

Clint does not sugarcoat anything. He is always honest with his students and everyone he talks to. He says that without sacrificing hours upon hours  and having a mentor, it can be hard for you to become successful in Forex. “You must spend hours studying, but when it comes to applying the knowledge on a live chart and going into a trade that changes everything.”

Growing and Helping Others Grow

If you want to be a trader, you need to study charts. This is according to Clint, who says know-how is the most crucial thing in trading. Additionally, not everything is found online. He advises that getting someone you know to help you out and educate you on some skills is also essential for your success.

There is a need to get someone you know because as Clint puts it, “There’s alot of fakes on Instagram flexing demo trading accounts luring the unexpected newbie trader.”

Clint has embarked on helping many people launch successfully in the trading space. He is, therefore, offering a course. Check it out at and shop around and take your time before investing in a mentor.

SourceAuthority Daily