Expert Forex Trader & Mentor Clint Fester Says Setting Realistic Goals Is Key to Finding Success 1

Clint Fester is a forex mentor & the founder of FestX. An educational platform for learning how to trade in the forex market. Clint Festers trading service “FestX” has more than 3200+ students worldwide who are eager to learn how to successfully trade forex. Clint was able to achieve this kind of success by setting realistic goals. In this article we dive in a bit on what kind of realistic goals new traders can set.

What are some realistic goals new traders can set?

“As a new trader that gets involved in forex the first thing that they need to do is look at their current salary that they are earning and then trade according to a percentage of the salary meaning if their salary is a certain amount they can try and earn just 10 to 20% in the first month of trading thereafter they can get 30 to 40% until they making more or less half the amount of their salary and then look at starting and getting a bit more, most traders get involved in trading and wanna make $100 $300 $500 even $1000 a day! But they trade for not even 48 hours.  It’s as simple as making $10-$20 a day and after a period of 30 days you will be surprised at the amount of money you have made. Start off small, that’s all and appreciate the process.”- Clint

How can these goals be achieved?

“You need to set DAILY/WEEKLY targets and once achieved GET OUT OF THE MARKET dont trade further even if you made your target before 11am, Close your trades and your laptop logout of MetaTrader 4 and go for a walk on the beach and enjoy your day!”- Clint

Do you recommend journaling trades?

Yes, journal all your trades at all times. Date entered, the reason for entry, the risk to reward ratio, keep screenshots of the before and take screenshots of the after.

What would you say helped you become more consistent & why?

Reviewing my losing Trades.

This will not only track your trading history but grow you into a better trader as all mistakes you pick up in your trading will be documented, deleted and you will make sure you never make them again.

Source: America Daily Post