Clint Fester

Clint Fester is a 36-year-old forex trader and mentor who was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Clint is the founder of one of the most successful trading services in South Africa & has been seen in multiple media outlets. As of today, Clint Festers trading service “FestX” has more than 3200+ students worldwide who are eager to learn how to successfully trade forex

In this article Clint shares a few tips on how to become a successful trader.

Wait For Your Setups

Clint mentions you should think of the market as the Ocean and you’re the Surfer. “A surfer waits patiently to catch that perfect wave before he rides it out, That’s the same way you should execute your trades. Wait for confirmation and as much confluence as possible before jumping into the trade”

Stay Focused

Clint mentions he had his vision board as motivation. “It was a daily reminder to myself that if I ever gave up on trading and decided to quit, all these goals and dreams will never be achieved. It was a matter of Im going to get these goals done or dying trying! There was No Plan B,It was Plan A and that’s it.”

Setting Goals

Clint advises that the first thing you should do is trade according to a certain percentage of your salary. Take, for example, if your salary is, let’s say, $6000, you can try to earn at least 10%-20% in your first month ( i.e $600). This is a very realistic goal.

Today, most newbie traders attempt to make $500 — $1000 a day which is virtually unattainable. They tend to forget that little $10-$50 profits when summed up after 30 days, can turn out to be a huge sum. To sum it all up, start small and appreciate the process.

Source: TechBullion